Rebuilding alternators, repairing alternators
and providing auto electric supplies is what we do best!

Whether you need your alternator repaired or rebuilt, or if you want to replace your alternator, we’ve got the huge parts warehouse and experience to provide quality alternator services FAST.

Our staff has over 80 years of experience in rebuilding alternators and can service virtually any automotive, highway, industrial, heavy duty, agricultural, sporting, motorcycle and ATV electrical component.

Our 4000 sq. ft. auto electric parts warehouse has many alternator parts that are “ready-to-go” units, or we can order in the alternator required to fit your specific needs.

Come down to our 4000 sq. ft. auto electric warehouse, or call 403-272-1550 today to ask one of our Auto Electric Experts how we can help you with your auto electric needs.

We stock a huge supply of auto electric equipment including starters, alternators, batteries and other necessary miscellaneous  auto electric equipment like switches, custom windings, batteries, belts, and cables for all applications. We also repair or rebuild starters