Motorcycle & ATV

We’re Calgary’s auto electric service and supply source!

Are you looking for a Motorcycle battery or an ATV Battery ?

We stock a huge supply of electrical parts in our 4000 sq. ft. warehouse.

We have starters, alternators  batteries, regulators, rectifiers  custom wound stator windings. Plus, we repair or rebuild alternators and starters.

Whether your Motorcycle, Dirt Bike, ATV or other power sport vehicle needs electrical parts or repair, we can help!

We specialize in hard to find and obscure electrical components and also carry a selection of Deka power sport batteries and custom motorcycle stator windings.

Our 4000 sq. ft. electric parts warehouse offers a large selection of equipment, or we can repair or rebuild your alternator or starter. In the unlikely event we don’t have the parts you need, we can quickly source them out through our network of suppliers.

We have over 80 years of experience, so you can trust us to help you with the repair, rebuilding or replacement of any and all your motorcycle, ATV or power sport electrical components.

Come down to our 4000 sq. ft. Motorcycle, ATV and power sport electric warehouse, or call 403-272-1550 today

Don’t go anywhere else for your Motorcycle battery, or ATV Battery needs – we supply only the best batteries from Deka, including conventional flooded, gelled electrolyte and absorbed glass mat (AGM) designs.