Miscellaneous Auto Electric Supplies

If you need belts, switches, custom windings, batteries, and cables for all applications, we can help!

Our 4000 sq. ft. auto electric parts warehouse stocks both new and rebuilt auto electric supplies from starters, alternators, and batteries to miscellaneous equipment.  We also repair or rebuild alternators and starters.

Many of our parts are “ready-to-go” units, or we can order in the auto electric supplies to fit your specific needs or build them to the required specifications.

We specialize in automotive electrical supplies and service for all applications, including:

Automotive, Heavy Duty, Agricultural, Highway & Gravel Trucks, Marine & RV, Motorcycle & ATV.

Come down to our 4000 sq. ft. auto electric warehouse, or call 403-272-1550 today to ask one of our Auto Electric experts how we can help you with your auto electric needs.

We also stock a huge supply of auto electric equipment including starters, alternators, batteries. We also repair or rebuild alternators and  starters.