Frequently asked questions


Q: Is there a core charge?

Core charges vary depending on the item. Automotive batteries are $10, and industrial batteries are up to $30 per.

Starter and alternator core deposits vary from unit to unit, but typically around ¼ of the value.

Q: Is the unit new or rebuilt?

We sell both new and rebuilt. Our rebuilt products are done right here in house by our highly experienced staff. In many cases our rebuilt units exceed the OEM specifications with heavier windings, bearings, and solenoid contacts. Our products are built to outperform and outlast the original unit.

Q: How long does it take to rebuild my starter or alternator?

Most times we can get you going the same day. In odd cases that require sourcing parts it may take a bit longer.

Q: Does the alternator come with a pulley?

Most alternators come with pulleys, with industrial cases it is best to supply your pulley for us to either sand-blast and install on the new unit or match up with our wide selection.

Q: Can you test my battery?

Yes, any battery can be tested using our equipment if it is disconnected from the charging system.

Q: Can you charge my battery?

Yes, it is $10 to charge a battery and typically takes 4 hours.

Q: Do you make battery cables?

Yes, we do! We stock every gauge cable and specialty cable end to quickly make what you need.

Return Policy:

Returns accepted for 30 days following purchase unless otherwise specified for individual item. Item must be clean, free of any defects, and in original packaging. Items that have been mounted, used, or modified will not qualify for a return. All items will be tested and inspected before refund is issued. Defective items may be covered under the warranty policy but are not returnable as they have been installed and used. Purchase receipt is required to issue refund.