Are you looking for a Motorcycle Battery, ATV Battery, Deep Cycle Battery, Car Battery or a battery for industrial, agricultural or heavy duty equipment?

We have them all.

Come down to our 4000 sq. ft. auto electric warehouse, or call 403-272-1550 today to ask one of our Auto Electric experts how we can help you with your auto electric needs.

At B&F Auto Electric we’ve been serving Calgary since 1984 and our auto electric store staff has over 80 years of experience to help you replace your battery; whatever automotive machine you have!

We stock a huge inventory of batteries from East Penn, including conventional flooded, gelled electrolyte and absorbed glass mat (AGM) designs. We also carry batteries for your Solar energy system as well as Deka Brand Batteries.

If you need to replace your car battery and you buy it from us, we will change your car battery for you on the spot!

There’s no better place to get your Motorcycle battery, ATV Battery, Deep Cycle Battery, Car Battery or a battery for any industrial, agricultural, or heavy duty equipment.

We stock a huge supply of auto electric equipment including starters, alternatorsbatteries and other necessary miscellaneous auto electric equipment. We have switches, custom windings, batteries, belts, and cables for all applications. We also repair or rebuild alternators and starters.